About Title Insurance

Title Insurance protects the policyholder against financial losses resulting from defects in the title to their home. Some common examples of these defects are: open liens, judgments or other encumbrances against the real property from a previous owner. If a defect is discovered, your title insurer pays the costs to defend your ownership interests in court or the costs to fix the defect.

Harbor Title issues both owners and loan title insurance policies for purchases and refinances. You will need an owner’s policy when you purchase a home and a loan policy for any mortgage on the home.


Be sure you “own” your home by having one of our agents facilitate your closing. Harbor Title coordinates with your real estate agent, mortgage broker and seller to ensure your interests are protected upon the closing of your new home.


Make sure that your sale is smooth and effortless. Harbor Title clears any and all defects in title and works diligently to ensure a timely closing. Our on-staff attorneys prepare all sellers documents and handles all requests from contract to closing.

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